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Move over "caddy" cool moms wear a tactical cleaning belt.

When your kit doesn't get used because you live overseas, you improvise to make cleaning cool.

Living in Germany we don't get to visit the range or shoot, so our tactical gear is just kind of collecting dust in the basement... that is, until we decided that the tactical cleaning belt was going to be assembled.

The cleaning belt has all the necessities for getting the house clean. One MOLLE pouch filled with trash bags and silicone brushes to get the weird nooks in our bathrooms. Another MOLLE pouch with a grout brush. A drop pouch filled with microfiber towels. A multitool attachment, because you never know when you'll need it. And the last (and biggest) drop pouch filled with Super Blast Off diluted two ways, one all-purpose bottle and the other with a weaker dilution for glass cleaning.

This set up is great for cleaning the entire house, I typically start with windows and glass since I can reuse those microfiber towels later on to clean bathrooms (better to go from glass to bathroom than vice versa...)! Then I'll dust, I have a fancy duster microfiber for dusting and I spray it with Blast Off and start getting TV stands, bookshelves, end tables, and anything else that needs to be dusted. Then I'll work on cleaning the kitchen wiping down counters and cabinets, stove top, and lastly the sink. Bathrooms are typically last on my cleaning agenda because I don't like doing them (bad childhood memories, thanks mom...) and because they're the dirtiest so when I finish I can wash all the microfiber cloths and be done.

I'll Enlist the help of my kids to pick up toys, vacuum, dust, load/ unload dishwasher, and clean their rooms. Naturally, they use Blast Off for any tasks they need it for because it's safe. The dog even gets orders, typically to stay on her bed while we clean, since she's not much of a help otherwise.

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