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Blast Off®, founded in 1958, is a privately owned chemical company, which produces and sells an ethically and socially responsible all-purpose cleaner.  Earl Smith founded the company after repeated frustrations with available all-purpose cleaners, the company today still follows its original ethos of providing an environmentally safe, premium quality all-purpose cleaner for military-strong, family-friendly, guilt-free cleaning. Our humble roots began with door-to-door sales and grew into an international business.

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, Blast Off® continues to grow and expand into new markets with new product use cases discovered every day. Blast Off® has been the United States Navy’s primary shipboard cleaner for several decades. We are very proud to support missions at home and abroad by the world’s finest military.

Today Blast Off® remains a family-run company with Earl Smith still serving as Chairman and Founder. The company now has three generations serving in corporate positions around the United States. Following our founder’s guiding principles, the company vigorously retains its small business mentality and family roots in order to maintain quality and provide the most competitive prices possible.

flight deck blast off
Window Cleaning
Cleaning Barbecue Grill
Polishing Car Tire

Steve D., CA

Fantastic! Best cleaner I've ever used

Joseph L., VA

Excellent! Cleans like it says.

Katie P., WA

I use it on EVERYTHING and even keep a bottle in my car for quick cleanups.
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