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SUPER BLAST OFF® has been tested for safety, biodegradability, corrosiveness, cost savings, and all other tests deemed pertinent by our company and our customers. Excerpt of tests and approvals by independent or government controlled laboratories and organizations in the United Sates:
  1. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (U.S.D.A) for cleaning walls and floors of establishments that process meat, poultry and eggs.

  2. Meets Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

  3. Meets required Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

  4. Has been tested for biological corrosiveness and showed no dermal reactions and no irreversible alteration of tissues after a 48 hour reading of undiluted product. Further showed that erythema or edema was observed at any test sites or stages during study.

  5. Tested and cited by Washington State Department of Transportation and Washington State Ferries, as one of three approved cleaners/degreasers allowed to be used by the system. Further approved as the only product allowed as a Parts Washer Cleaner.

  6. Meets Douglas CSD#1, Type 1, and Boeing D6-17487 for Aircraft Cleaning.

  7. Meets American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) for biodegradability.

  8. Meets ASTM F-483 for Weight Loss of Aluminum Alloy.

  9. Meets ASTM F-484, Stress Grazing of Acrylic Plastics.

  10. Meets ASTM F485, Residue Test.

  11. Meets ASTM F-502, Effects on painted surfaces.

  12. Meets ASTM F-519, Type 1a, 1c, or 2a, on Hydrogen Embrittlement.

  13. Meets ASTM Cadmium Removal Test.

  14. Meets Aerospace Material Specification (AMS) 1526.

  15. Meets ARP 1512 Sandwich Corrosion Test.

  16. Approved and cited as the only concentrated liquid cleaner to be used on board Navy ships by Navy Manpower and Material Analysis Center, Atlantic (NAVMACLANT) and in Work Study Report Number 99, Work Study of Shipboard Facilities Maintenance.

  17. Approved by NAVSEASYSCOM as a U.S. Navy Flight Deck cleaner.​

  18. Certified in PROJECT THRIFT of the Navy Management Improvement Program as saving one operation on board one ship $2.03200 annually.

  19. Documented by a U.S. Navy Ship as to its “suitability for a special radioactive decontamination procedure. No other detergent analyzed conformed to requirements."

  20. Tested and approved by Naval Construction Battalion Center for use in brake and clutch washing machines for control of asbestos particles.

SUPER BLAST OFF® has also been approved to the following foreign specifications and standards:

  1. Approved under the Great Britain Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

  2. Approved and certified by the lnstitut fuer Gewerbliche Wasswirtschaft and Luftreinhaltung, e.V. (Institute for Commercial use of Water and Prevention of Air Pollution, IWL -- Stuttgart, Germany) IWL Case No. W89/122.

  3. Conforms and certified to German DEV-L 3 Bakterientoxizitaet in Aquatischem Systemen (Bacteriologic Toxicity in Aqueous Systems).

  4. Conforms and certified to Statischer Test Nach DIN 38 412 Teil 25 Biologischer Abbaubarkeit von Chemikalien (Biological Toxicity in Aqueous Systems).

  5. Conforms and is on file to German DIN 52 900 Sicherheitsdatenblatt (Material Safety Data Requirements Form).

  6. Conforms and certified to German TTC-Test Nach DEV-L 3, which states: Does not contain halogenorganic substances, which, due to their characteristics, are considered to be hazardous (German WGK 3) as specified in German WHC, 5th Amendment.

  7. Surpassed and certified to German DIN 38412, TEIL 25 (Statischer Test) on biological degradability.

  8. Approved and certified by German Analytisches lnstitut Wutf Bostel for use in Food Handling Establishments.

  9. Approved and certified by Orszagos Koezegészséguegyi lntézet, Budapest, Hungary as safe for use in industry and Commerce.

  10. Approved and certified by Allami Koezegeszsegugyi-Jarvanyuegyi Fofelugyeloseg, Budapest, Hungary as Biodegradable.

  11. Approved and certified by institut Hygieny A Epidemioiogie (The Health and Safety Board), Prague Czech Republic as a safe product for workers to use.

  12. Approved and certified by Hlavni Hygienik Ceské Flepubliky (Office Hygiene), Czech Republic as biodegradable and non-toxic.

  13. Has been tested and approved in Japan and other Far East Countries to all the same standards and laws as in the USA and Europe.


We promise our customers that SUPER BLAST OFF® products have been put to every test to assure the safety of its users. Our products are the most efficient and cost effective products available.