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Behind the Scenes

You may know Super Blast Off is a small business, but do you know how small?

Our warehouse and manufacturing site is currently run by two people... That’s it! Liana and Rasheed are responsible for getting all the orders shipped to you from our plant in North Carolina. They make the product and bottle it in this small factory to ship worldwide. Liana, not only runs the office operations and the company, but she also helps package and ship everything (that’s her driving the forklift!). Rasheed makes, bottles, and labels Super Blast Off so we can ship it to you.

When you support small business, these are the people you’re supporting. This company has less than 5 employees preparing and shipping our Super cleaner worldwide!

Then there's Katie who spends her time making messes to show you how well Super Blast Off works to get things cleaned. She loves it when you throw cleaning suggestions her way, or share stories of the things you have had to clean because it gives her inspiration to find new cleaning challenges. Follow along on our social media platforms to see what kind of messes she's making and see how Super Blast Off can help you out of your own sticky situations!

pictured top: Liana operating the forklift getting barrels ready to ship.

pictured bottom (starting top left): Katie cleaning sauce she "accidentally on purpose" spilled on herself. (Top right) Drawing on the wall in crayon and then cleaning it up. (Bottom left) Showing the difference Blast Off made in taking this cars seats from black to their original color of light gray. (Bottom right) The tastiest mess to make: the drip pan on the grill!

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