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Blast Off in a Dog's World

Why I love when my humans use Super Blast Off!

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lady Murphetta III, but my people call me "Murph". Although I enjoy being regal and judging the humans I live with, I also thoroughly enjoy making a mess. I've never been one to chew, don't have much interest in toys, but give me mud or something stinky to roll in and I am the happiest dog in the world! Because I love mud so much, I often hear the lady owner curse my name when I track paw prints through the home or all over her car- but to me, it's a work of art.

Somedays I have accidents in the house, it's not that I mean to do it on purpose, but it happens from time to time. These times are usually if I ate something I wasn't supposed to or one of the small humans snuck me some extra food off their plates. This will cause me to usually leave a nice surprise for them to find in the morning... and make my lady owner curse my name once again. But one thing I notice is that she always cleans up my messes with Super Blast Off. The mud, vomit, poop, it gets it all. After we moved into our new home I was very nervous and had a really big accident on their new carpet, but now I don't even know where that mess was because they cleaned it up with Super Blast Off!

My owner says when the big messes are made it's best to get as much as you can with a bag, then paper towels, then to spray on some Super Blast Off and blot the spots, and finally run the carpet cleaner over it (this part usually scares me, so I hide in their bathroom!). Yep, that stuff can clean anything and it can go in your scary carpet cleaner and it only takes a little bit to get out those stains!

Even when my humans use it to clean, I never know because it doesn't bother my puppy dog nose. They clean with it a lot and I never even notice because it doesn't bother me, and my nose is a super sniffer. Sometimes they'll even use it to clean my food and water dishes to make them shiny... mmmm, food. Well, I think it's time to beg my tiny people for food. Your humans should start using Super Blast Off too so that your house can stay clean without bothering your sniffers!

Photos: (Left)Me and my best friend, Lucy making mom's car a muddy mess after a hike! (Center) Mom used Blast Off to clean up muddy paw prints on the wood floors. (Right) My tiny human cleaning our fort.

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