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Blast Off Kids

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

If you have kids, chances are they’re probably making a mess somewhere in your home right now (seriously, you should go check!).

With kids, messes are inevitable. But with Blast Off, those messes are now easier to clean!

We operate with 4 generations in our Blast Off family, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen and then had to clean up.

Chocolate milk spilled on your freshly cleaned floors (and leaking into cabinets and kitchen drawers)? Been there!

Crayon, markers, or paint on walls/ floors/ shelves/ toys/ literally any surface a kid can reach? Cleaned that!

Lipstick/ makeup applied to a favorite toy? Wiped that clean!

Kid vomit over the backseat of your car? Mashed banana squished into your upholstery? Albeit disgusting, it’s been cleaned (with only minor gagging 🤢)!

Or our most challenging task to date, removing permanent marker from the neighbors driveway when our artist decided to welcome in the new neighbors with pictures of zombies (see her attempted spelling below)... yeah we used Blast Off (and a stiff scrub brush) for that too!

You know what all these messes have in common? They can all be cleaned with our SUPER cleaner, Blast Off. Even better, older children can help clean those messes as well since our products are family friendly and won’t overwhelm tony noses with harsh chemical odors.

We want to hear what your messiest kid mess has been and we will send you a FREE bottle of Super Blast Off!

P.S. You should check on your kids

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