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November Cleaning Challenge

Are you ready for guests this holiday season? Want to win FREE Super Blast Off for cleaning your home? Keep on reading for more details!

As a new month is rapidly approaching it is time to start thinking about getting our homes clean for family and friends that may be coming to spend time for Thanksgiving, Hanuka, Christmas, Festivus, or any other holidays you may celebrate. And what better way to get motivated to clean than a cleaning challenge that can earn you FREE Super Blast Off?!

So you want to jump on board? Let's do it! On November 1, Katie will post the challenges, almost like a scavenger hunt for cleaning. You'll have until October 20 to knock out as many items on the list as possible to win. It's free to enter and the more participants there are, the bigger the prize. You aren't required to have Super Blast Off (hint: you'll get bonus points if you do have it!), but you will need access to a camera, email, and/or social media to participate! In the meantime, go order some Super Blast Off, follow us on social media (Facebook Instagram YouTube), and get ready to clean!

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