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October Cleaning/ Purge Challenge!

It's not the time of year to do Spring Cleaning, but then again is anything in 2020 as it should be?!

Are you a hoarder? Have you been binge-watching organization shows on Netflix? Well, we have a little October Challenge for you to help you start getting your home organized!

With Holiday Season rapidly approaching, what better time to clean out your closets? Use this guide to help simplify your to-do list and of course, we had to add in a little bit of cleaning in a space that typically gets ignored (ahem, the laundry room!). Give this a go, and thank us later! You'll be creating space in your linen closet, laundry room, and your other closets because I guarantee that your mom jeans from 1993 are not coming back in style, it's time to let them go.

Got some old spray bottles lying around? I like to refill them with different dilutions of Super Blast Off so I am prepared for any mess thrown my way as we approach the holidays. I'll dilute one bottle for glass cleaning, one for degreasing the oven, and the third is ready to go for cleaning bathrooms and countertops for when guests are coming. So hop on board and start simplifying your life this Fall in an attempt to make the rest of 2020 better!

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