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Quick Clean up Guide

Do you ever find yourself in a time crunch with a dirty house and guests coming over? Or maybe your significant other dropped it on you last minute that work friends were coming over for a drink/ dinner? Probably, it happens to the best of us. And if you're anything like me, your house probably isn't "guest ready" all the time.

Don't Stress, instead knock it out room by room!

...pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the company. Then make your significant other clean up when the guests leave!

If you are one of those people who has their life together and keeps a spotless home 100% of the time, you can stop reading... but if you are like me, then here are my quick cleaning tips for "surprise" guests!

Tip 1: Focus on the common areas where the guests will most likely be. For me, this includes the foyer (okay it's more of a mudroom entryway... but I want to sound fancy), kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room.

Tip 2: Start in the smallest space. In my case, the bathroom. Spray everything with Blast Off, light a scented candle/ oil diffuser/ wax burner (to make it smell good), then wipe down everything you previously sprayed. Maybe hang a clean hand towel or two and empty the trash.

Tip 3: Move on to the next room. Let's say this is the entryway- organize shoes, coats, or anything else you may have there. Sweep, spot clean the floor with Blast Off and a towel and you're set!

Tip 4: On to the kitchen. Since a lot happens here, you'll want it to be clean! I suggest spraying counters (with Blast Off, of course), stovetop and sink, and letting it soak for a few while you sweep and spot clean the floors. Once you're done with the floors, wipe down the counters and put away any clutter.

Tip 5: Living room. I like to spray Blast Off on a microfiber and give the furniture a quick wipe down. This includes the coffee table, tv stand, end tables, and any stains my kids made on couches. Then I fluff pillows and run the vacuum to collect any stray dog hair or kids' crumbs. Typically I'll light another candle/ diffuser/ wax burner to make my house smell inviting and less like we live there.

Tip 6: Dining room time. Wipe down table and chairs with (you guessed it) Blast Off. Sweep/ vacuum and spot clean the floor. Dust and declutter if needed. Maybe set the table or put out some snacks if you're feeling like an overachiever!

Tip 7: Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the company. Then make your significant other clean up when the guests leave!

I've got this quick cleaning down to a competition with myself. If I'm working solo I can knock all of this out in just under 15 minutes. With help from the kids and husband, it's closer to 7!

So if you're stopping by, please know my house was cleaned just because you were stopping by, and that should make you feel pretty damn special.

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