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Save money and time.

Cleaning products can overtake your cabinet space- but Blast Off will save you time, money, and space.

In 1958 our founder, Earl Smith, decided he was sick of having a variety of toxic cleaning chemicals in his home so he set out to create a true all-purpose cleaner that didn't overwhelm the senses and actually got everything clean! We choose to sell our products in concentrated bottles so that our customers can choose how they want to clean and it opens up a variety of cleaning possibilities.

Super Blast Off can be diluted to clean practically everything. A weak dilution allows for streak-free glass cleaning while a strong solution will remove built-up grease, carbon, or rust. And our standard dilution (available in our ready-to-use spray bottles) will clean everything in between. It can be used to clean pet stains from carpets, as a laundry prewash, engine degreaser, or grill cleaner. Anything you have to clean, Super Blast Off can do it.

The only thing it won't clean is your hard drive or browser history...

When you buy Blast Off you're not only getting a guaranteed clean, you're also supporting a family-owned and operated small business.

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