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Want the most clean for your buck?

When you buy our concentrated formula you’ll unlock endless cleaning capabilities.

When people find out our products are used to clean aircraft carriers by the US Navy, they don’t think Super Blast Off is for them. But I promise you, it is perfect for every cleaning task in your home and garage!

We typically don’t recommend stronger dilutions than 5:1, because you’re just wasting money! This is the dilution that comes in our ready-to-use sprayers and it’s great for daily cleaning in bathrooms and kitchens as well as degreasing your grill, engine, bike chains, or any other greasy build up. This is the way I typically dilute Super Blast Off at home since it does such a great job getting everything clean. I also use this dilution to clean my home gym equipment. My husband also diluted at this ratio to clean carbon build up off of firearms. It works phenomenally, just be sure to follow up with lubricant since Super Blast Off breaks down the oils and build up so well.

When I’m not using Super Blast Off in a spray bottle for daily cleaning, it’s being heavily diluted to run through my Shark mop, carpet cleaner, or as a spot remover on upholstery or for laundry. This is the dilution I use to clean linoleum, vinyl planks, and rubber mats in our home gym.

When I get to the bottom of a spray bottle of Super Blast Off, I tend to refill it with water so I can use it as a glass cleaner for windows, mirrors, and my (much despised) glass cooktop. This “weak” solution is strong enough to use as a car wash, bug remover (it melts the bugs off your car!), car interior detailer, and to remove buildup on hardwood or vinyl flooring from other cleaners.

We have two dogs, three kids, and LOTS of messes in our home so being able to dilute Super Blast Off in a variety of ways and run through various cleaning tools is extremely helpful. Plus, have I mentioned it’s family friendly so your kids can pitch in?!

If you want the best cleaning experience, I suggest giving our combo pack a try! You’ll get a ready-to-use spray bottle and a quart of concentrated cleaning gold so you can dilute to your hearts content and get everything in your home SUPER clean.

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