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What are your top 3?

a cleaning group I am a part of asked the question: which 3 cleaning products would you use for the rest of your life? You can only choose 3.

Well this got me thinking, and it also lead me to ask other team members at Super Blast Off what they would choose.

Of course, we all agreed that Super Blast Off was at the top of the list. Why? Because it literally can clean 99% of jobs that need to be taken care of. In a pinch it can be used for spot removal on laundry, washing dishes, as degreaser, cleaning counters and toilets, as a glass cleaner, wax remover, for detailing cars, removing light rust... and so much more.

So since Super Blast Off Covers most jobs that leaves us with deciding what other cleaners we would have to have. This is where we all chose something with some bleaching ability, because Super Blast Off isn’t a bleach. One person chose Oxiclean, another went with bleach wipes, while most of us went with plain old bleach. This is great for killing molds, whitening laundry or stains, and as a disinfectant when needed on a clean surface (I.e. after you cleaned that surface with Super Blast Off!)

For the third cleaning product None of us could really decide on anything because a third product isn’t really needed. I might throw vinegar in the mix or maybe tea tree oil as a natural disinfectant (or to add a scent to Super Blast Off). But for most of us, a universal cleaner (ahem) Super Blast Off and a disinfectant/ whitening agent is all that’s needed!

What would you choose?

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