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What is an all-purpose cleaner?

Do you know what all the cleaning chemicals in your home do? We bet Super Blast Off can replace most of them and create a better cleaning experience for you!

An all-purpose cleaner is typically used to remove dirt, grime, and stains from surfaces. Some all-purpose cleaners require dilutions, scrubbing, and rinsing while others are a spray and wipe cleaner, but you could be sacrificing cleaning power for convenience!

Super Blast Off can do more than the average all-purpose cleaner. It can be used as a spray and wipe cleaner or it can be used on tougher jobs at a stronger dilution to really get the job done! The longer you let Super Blast Off soak on a surface, the cleaner that surface will become... or you could throw in some elbow grease and make it look brand new!

Another benefit of using Super Blast Off as your all-purpose cleaner is that you can also use it as a degreaser. Dirty grill? No problem! Greasy engine bay? Piece of cake! Oil-drips on your garage floor? Super Blast Off can handle it! Matter of fact, Super Blast Off has been used by the US Navy as a degreaser and cleaner for their flight decks for nearly 50 years (yeah, we've been around that long!).

One of the best things about Super Blast Off is that it can be diluted a variety of ways so we can guarantee it'll get the job done. Use it as a glass cleaner, degreaser, stain remover, oven cleaner, boat/RV cleaner... the possibilities are endless. There's a reason we say it's the clean everything cleaner and we truly mean that there are 1,001 uses... and counting.

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