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What’s your Princess Cleaning Style?

Have you ever found yourself relating to a Princess about cleaning? Find out which Princess you relate most to and let us know!

Let’s be real, we all think we shouldn’t have to clean... But even Princesses have to clean! I mean, they’re usually cleaning out of being forced to by evil step-mothers, not knowing they were a princess, or because they’re just a clean freak. Whatever their reason is for cleaning, they got the job done! So let’s break down different Princesses cleaning styles and see who you relate to the most.

Snow White

If you relate to Snow, your cleaning personality tends to be a little on the OCD side. When you find a mess, especially if it’s not your own, you feel the need to clean and organize it to ease your mental being. The urge to clean lives deep within you and you don’t mind taking care of those around you, whether it’s a stranger or your family, you want to help them out. Some might say your obsession with cleaning is a little much, but you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. You keep cleaning as much as your little heart desires, and we don’t mind if you whistle while you work.

Aurora/ Briar Rose

Do you knock out chores just to lend a hand to your elders? Well, possibly not only your elders but those you live with? If so, you’re probably like Briar Rose. Not really into deep cleaning and organizing, but you keep it tidy because it’s more comfortable that way. Your main concern is getting done with your chores so you can get outside and sing with forest creatures... or meet a handsome stranger in the woods... or send your town into a deep sleep. Clean on, and enjoy your time in nature!


Always keeping things fun, whether is dancing while you clean or lifting your friends' spirits. You know the power of hard work and aren’t afraid to put in some elbow grease to get the job done. You have a tendency to take on more than you can handle, but you just buckle down and get the job done! Plus you know that someday all your hard work will pay off, so keep chipping away at your goals.


You either live alone or clean out of sheer boredom to pass the time. You look at cleaning as a game and will often see how fast you can clean the bathroom or perhaps you pour Blast Off all over the floors and slide around to get them clean. Whatever you like to do to clean, it's going to be fun! During quarantine life, you probably cleaned and organized your entire home, because what else were you going to do?! We support your fun cleaning style, even if it is a little weird.


Constantly find yourself overwhelmed with cleaning up after other people and pets? Then you're probably a Cindy. You spend hours making things just right, only to have it last a few moments before someone (or something) comes along to muck it all up. But you just roll up your sleeves and get back to work. You see yourself as essential to the operation of your home... but some might see you as a doormat. We suggest you stop handling everything by yourself and delegate some responsibilities because life is too short to handle all the cleaning on your own. Keep on cleanin' and know that you can let others help!

Which Princess do you relate the most to? Leave us a comment and let us know.

I personally am a recovering Cinderella! I constantly find myself cleaning the carpets over and over again because a kid spilled right after I vacuumed or a dog had an accident in the house right after I shampooed the carpets. I have learned to assign some of the chores to kids, which is helpful. When I'm not a Cinderella, I'm an Aurora/ Briar Rose, keep it clean enough, and then get outside to hike!

We're still waiting for Disney to start including Super Blast Off in their films... we know deep down that that's what the Princesses use to clean!

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